there is no why (sarah_g) wrote in aus_rock_chicks,
there is no why

Adalita vs. Sarah

These are my two favourite rock chicks in australian music....

But i can't decide who is the hottest or the coolest...

What do you think?
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sarah sarah sarah. i ran into her at the annandale one night and she gave me a huge bear hug and her number in case i wanted to call her promoter and ask about gigs..

as for adalita she can sing and play but shes just not as cool as sarah:)
adalita, by far.
I met Sarah a few times.. the first time was when i was 15 in a shopping centre and the superjesus were my favourite band in the whole wide world.
I ended up crying because i was so excited and she gave me a big hug and talked to me for at least 15 minutes.
She has been the one and only female rock star that i have loved UNTIL i discovered magic dirt - i thought 'oh magic dirt... phht... so hyped up' but then i listened and fell in love with her!
I think i have more of a sentimental connection with the superjesus' music and Sarah but Adalita is a very very close second.
I'm afraid Adalita rules in the hair comp tho....

p.s. i have two livejournals.... sarah_g and sgtrio
I mainly post with sgtrio in communities.
Hmmm Sarah McLeod is cool...

but Adalita... WHOA! she has to get my vote...

So i'm thinking that maybe adalita is hotter yet sarah is cooler?
Hmm...Adilita does looks kinda cool. But she has that "don't fuck with me or I'll rip your balls off" look! And there's enough women with that attitude these days.

Sarah rocks but seems a bit more at ease yet still rocks hard.

So my vote goes to Sarah.
Adalita wins hands down.... on the basis that Adalita is attractive to look at and entertaining to listen to whereas Sarah McLeod is neither of these things :-).


Seriously though.... like there's any contest.

Adalita is much hotter than Sarah McLeod could ever hope to be. Just look at her!

Now if it was a contest between Adalita and Stephanie from Something For Kate.... well then you'd have a fight on your hands...
Adalita Adalita Adalita. Not only does she fucken rock out, but she stands up for what she believes in and doesn't take shit from anyone. She's also so full of love for everyone who comes out to Magic Dirt gigs.. If you ever get the chance to talk to her, she's heaps nice and absolutely adorable.

She's got the brains, the talent, the attitude, the looks.

To be honest, I reckon The Superjesus are just mediocre pop music. I don't think they'd have much of a career if Sarah wasn't banging Chris from silverchair.
Hogo - that first pic of adalita is amazing... she looks so awesome.

'Adalita is attractive to look at and entertaining to listen to whereas Sarah McLeod is neither of these things'


Oh come on! That's a bit harsh! Sarah rocks it...

I can't wait to see Magic Dirt at the beachie soon! I've never seen them live and i'm going to try and get adalita's attention somehow... any ideas?

However cool Adalita is tho...

Sarah and the superjesus do NOT have a career because she's with Chris from silverchair.... They made awesome music YEARS before Chris knew Sarah. 'Sumo' and 'Jet Age' (correct me if i'm wrong) were both made BEFORE she had anything to so with him. 'Rock Music' hasn't really been that well recieved and that's the only album that she made when Chris was around... i haven't heard any of it on the radio (which sucks because i think it's great!) and it's SO NOT POP! I read in the drum that she's working on a solo album. So excited...

Basically Sarah has done the hard yards and gone through some shit to keep The Superjesus rockin' after so many years.

So don't diss one of the queen's of Aussie Rock...


December 7 2004, 00:23:08 UTC 13 years ago

Sarah has gained a really horrible attitude beyond the golden days of 8SR and Sumo. Cupious amounts of drugs didn't help her or her songwriting abilities either. Sure she'll be sweet as sugar sometimes. Just as long as you're cool enough or can do something for her.

Miss Adalita. although in the past having plenty of shit said about her, has always been amazing to MD fans and those who treat her with the respect any decent human being deserves. In recent years she has really gotten herself together without sacrificing The Rock. Of course I loved "wasted rock bitch" Adalita. That was all part of the great rock show, afterall. But these days she is so on fire and in the zone onstage that it gives you chills. Her passion for what she does (in fact the whole bands passion), after all these years, is so overwhelming.
Sarah is by no means horrible at all, I love both the girls, but sarah is, and will always be my # 1, she didnt have to at all, but became friends with me and we chat all the time, and as to all her other fans she's always been up for a chat and a signing, her band nearly left w out her one day cuz she stood and talked and signed photos and posed for photos for so long.

And sarah is hotter by far.. but adalita is still gorgeous.

Oh and to the drug comment... take a look at adalita, she aint no saint baby!

Anyway, to the sarah fans

nix. X
amen to sarah being *drools*
I know im late, But sarah... no doubt at all!